The Journey Begins (hopefully soon…)

Thanks for joining us on our adventure as we prepare for our move from Milwaukee, WI to Brussels, Belgium, in the coming weeks.  Our two year work assignment has been almost a year in the making and we’re excited to get this trip started! It’s been a whirlwind of paperwork for work permits, visas, moving companies, etc. but we are in the home stretch now and looking forward to booking flights with passports in hand and our luggage packed to the max 50 lb. weight limit.  We are fortunate to have a month of temporary housing available for us upon arrival while we work with an agent to find our permanent place.  We’ll be starting our new jobs the week of July 1st but already have some travel plans in mind for the coming month- we’re ready to embrace the long weekend trips and laid-back summers.

Hoping to have more to report on soon… stay tuned for our arrival in Brussels!

iPhone 5-29-18 165
May 2018: Picture from our brief visit to Brussels last month to acquaint ourselves with the city and get an idea of where we may want to live. It was Dan’s first time there… good thing he trusted me when I said he would like it!

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