Get to Know Michael & Brussels

Michael is a Belgian native who has lived in the Brussels area for 13 years. We became friends while I was working at my previous job and I appreciated his insight into local events (like the Roller Bike Parade) and where to find supplies for any arts, crafts, or framing project one would ever need (Schleiper in Saint-Gilles). As a local residing in Anderlecht, Michael kindly agreed to offer some insight into his neighborhood of Brussels.

Michael at Schleiper in the Saint-Gilles neighborhood of Brussels

Name: Michael Bonny

Profession: Project Manager

As a local, how would you describe Brussels and your neighborhood of Anderlecht? I live at the border of Brussels and Anderlecht and my apartment has a view on the Atomium, 13 churches, the Palais de Justice, as well as some other landmarks. My neighborhood is very diversified and that’s something I very much appreciate. It’s a challenge to get acquainted and feel connected at times, but if you just do the first step, then things flow and people are very friendly. 

What is one thing you would like visitors to know about Brussels/ Anderlecht? [When commuting via public transportation] you better get on the right side of the escalator if you don’t move (hahaha).

In your opinion, what is the one thing visitors can’t miss on a trip to Brussels/ Anderlecht? Atelier Frites – the best French frites in the world. Haute cuisine chef Sergio Herman, the rock & roll chef is the owner. He started off opening one in Antwerp and it created a lot of buzz. Since recently there’s also one in Brussels, so that’s cool. The fact that there are spices and different sauces with the French frites makes it a real treat to enjoy frites like never before. It’s truly an amazing experience for the taste buds (haha).

What’s something that most visitors to Brussels/ Anderlecht wouldn’t think to do or see but you would suggest they do or see? The cookies at Dandoy. Everybody goes for the waffles with icing but the cookies are truly great. [They are ] reaalllllly super expensive but delicious! You won’t eat more than two because they are so special that you really take the time to appreciate them.

One place that I appreciate in particular is the Maximilan Park. It has lots of diversity and children playing around in a location where you see big towers on one side, new apartment buildings on the other and then some older charming houses in the corner. Old, new, business and private, it all comes together just like how I see Brussels.


I can also attest to the deliciousness of the cookies at Dandoy. Many thanks to Michael for sharing his local insight!