Small Business Spotlight – Goody Gourmets

Whether it’s for something sweet or salty, crunchy or double-dipped in chocolate, you’ll find satisfaction for your craving at my next Small Business Spotlight: Goody Gourmets.

From 15 different flavors of gourmet popcorn to a delicious assortment of hand dipped chocolate, you will not be disappointed by the plethora of treats made fresh at the Goody Gourmets shop in Shorewood. Along with classic cheese, butter, and caramel flavored popcorn you’ll find more unusual, but equally mouthwatering, flavors such as lemonade, banana pudding, and BBQ.  Even better, flavors can be double and triple mixed together to create customer favorites like plain, cheese, and caramel triple mix. It should also be noted that they offer hull-less “puff” popcorn in several flavors for those who crave the pop but aren’t fans of that pesky hull.

On my first visit to Goody Gourmets I played it safe and sampled the caramel and plain mixed popcorn with pecans but then went back for the caramel and cheese mixed popcorn to (reluctantly) share with my family. Most recently I tried, and quickly consumed, the seasonal chocolate covered caramel popcorn, along with the more adventurous and equally addicting pizza, BBQ, and banana pudding flavors.

It’s not just the popcorn that will have you hooked – don’t forget about the handmade Goody Gourmets candy. My personal favorites are the Double-Dipped Crème Filled Cookies and Double-Dipped Graham Crackers!

If you’re wondering where the inspiration for these unique flavors is derived, look no further than Jackie Chesser, the owner of Goody Gourmets, who says her love of cooking and southern roots always inspire her dishes and popcorn. Jackie started Goody Gourmets in 2005 as an online and wholesale business, but by 2006 she had opened the brick and mortar shop in Shorewood at 4425 N. Oakland Ave. Since then, she has opened and closed a second shop in Brown Deer, but Goody Gourmets is now approaching the much-anticipated opening of a new location in Glendale on the corner of Mill Road and Green Bay Avenue. Construction on the new store is well under way, and Jackie said that in addition to their specialty popcorn and confections, customers can look forward to enjoying a few of their family favorites (limited bakery) at the new Glendale location when it opens in 2021.

Goody Gourmets shop in Shorewood

Having navigated big changes in 2020, exciting things await this small business in the new year. Before this year comes to an end though, I’d highly recommend doing some Christmas shopping at Goody Gourmets. The seasonal chocolate covered caramel popcorn is sensational but they also offer “Goody Gifts” like sampler boxes, goody bags, and tins, from one to six gallons, which should be pre-ordered online.

Check out the Goody Gourmets Facebook page and Instagram for the latest updates and specials, or to tempt yourself with their delicious photos. To place an order, customers currently have a few options. You can have the treats shipped to someone you really like (hint, hint), order for same day curbside pick-up, or stop by their front screen door to order in person, enjoying wafts of appetizing aromas while you wait for your gourmet goodies.

When it’s hard to pick just one, try four!

Thank you to Jackie Chesser for confirming details for this post and working hard to adapt and fulfill the community’s popcorn cravings during this chaotic time.


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